Thursday, July 3, 2014

Trip to New Orleans....Music capital of America

The Mississippi river
Live music in the air and cool breeze of Mississippi river takes you into old world charm.This city of Louisiana state boasts of Cajun food,Jazz music and arts on street.Our weekend trip planned on a short notice turned great with little one having her own time and picking the best from the city of NewOrleans.
A drive of five and half hours from Houston takes you to French quarters,Gumbo,Jambalaya and blackened catfish.
We being mix of vegetarians and non vegetarians got our own choices and trip turned to be exploring a new territory.
I tend to do brief home work before touching new soil and that took me to a breakfast place 'Cafe du monde'.Taking a street car and a day pass saves your day and hitting the 'arch' of Mississipi' is on our books.On the cafe a serving of coffee with famous 'beignets'(fried pastry coated with powdered sugar) starts your day.
Pedal car(ricksha of India)

Beautiful art by french artist
On to the Canal street and then to the French market is more an evening thing which makes you see anything creative all along,an artist posing long hours as a statue and artist singing their own creations all long the street takes you to the time when the city was a colony and still maintains its charms.The beautiful arts of local and international people is on display all through your walk.You can enjoy the sight of pedal cars,bicycles,scooters and all modes of transport which are not available elsewhere.

The 'gumbo'
Be open to try the 'Gumbo' which is available in chicken,shrimp and veggie broth.The 'Po boy' sandwich is another local recipe.Tasting Gumbo made me realize that soup must be the first food discovered all over the world with lentils,veggies and rice going in one pot and different staples in various proportions available must have landed different recipes.My toddler loved sipping it and I was one happy mother.

Tabasco shopping
We tried our hands on great 'Tabasco sauce' tasting outlets where you can try your hands on different chili sauces and come out with burning mouths and a
Audobon insectarium
memory of your choice of bottle to take home.'Peccan pralines' are another foodie goodie to come back home.
Going to a river side and not touching the waters is something I couldn't avoid so a ferry from Canal point touching Algiers point is a must.The ferry costs nothing and takes you around to give you a skyline of the city.
I would suggest to do go to the 'Audobon Insectarium' right in the downtown next to Shop on The Canals.It great fun to go and enjoy the world of butterflies and insects with your little ones.