Friday, September 19, 2014

Cute kids decor!!!

My daughters Kindergarten started and I am one mother looking for stuff around.Throwing in colors and organizing spaces is something I enjoy and it is a good way of keeping positivity around.There are some fun ideas which are easily available and workable to go with.

1)The idea is to hang our kids stuff in organized and fun way.Using a wall Organizer and hook imparts a character to the room.

2)We can use wall hooks for hanging their bags and caps.I use them to hang their purse and helmets.

3)A string of butterflies and flowers with clothespin is wonderful to use with pictures,cards and crafts.

4)I like to pin schedules and calendars on cork board.Newsletters and weekly notes go there.

5)We can try using colorful photo frames to frame their art forms from school.

Preserve kids creativity and motivate them by displaying their art forms to cherish the times in years to come.Play with colors and let the house speak of you!