Friday, December 5, 2014

Cranberry Spice Chutney....

Well a recipe to share,Finger licking chutney is something I always enjoy with my meals.Some food tastes are always haunting when we grow old and that is, the food on which we grow right from our childhood.The smells from our grandmothers kitchen is always associated with the memories of childhood and togetherness.In Indian food there is a lot that is peripheral but those accompaniments are integral to each course.Chutney is a word of Indian origin derived from sanskrit catni meaning 'to lick'.I would love to share a recipe of one which I tried and licked till the end.

4 cups of Fresh Cranberries
1 cup of Water
2 cups of Sugar
2 Cinnamon Sticks
6 whole Cloves
1 teaspoon Salt
2 Tart apples,peeled,cored and diced
2 Red Bosc pears,peeled,cored and diced
1 small yellow onion diced
1 cup golden Raisins
1/2 cup hazelnuts toasted,skins removed and finely chopped
1/2 cup crystallized ginger,diced(1 teaspoon of dried ground ginger)

In a deep 6 quart saucepan,bring cranberries,water,sugar,cinnamon sticks, cloves and salt to a boil over medium heat.Stir frequently for about ten minutes until cranberries start to make a popping sound.this means their hard exterior is breaking down and softening.

Once cranberries begin to pop,reduce heat to simmer.Add diced apples,pears,onions and raisins and continue stirring frequently until mixture thickens(another 10-15 minutes).

Remove from heat.Stir in chopped hazelnuts and crystallized ginger.Cool to room temperature.Remove Cinnamon sticks and cloves before serving at room temperature and cool.

Cover tightly and store in refrigerator for two weeks.
Makes 12-14 servings.